ANZ Reduces ATM Fees

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:27 a.m.


Efforts to make digital banking more accessible and affordable has seen ANZ reduce its ATM fees for non-ANZ customers.

Cash withdrawal fees have been reduced to $0.50 from $1.50 whilst fees for balance enquiries have been slashed to $0.20 from $0.60.

“We acknowledge that in order to support meaningful financial inclusion, we need to make it much easier and more affordable for everyone to access their money while also encouraging savings,” explained acting CEO, Saud Minam.

He said developing a local culture of savings would have long-term benefits for both businesses and communities.

Amongst the bank’s focus is the development of financial literacy in the country and across the region.

“We strongly believe that this is an important means of building economic resilience in the communities in which we operate, including through this initiative, and also the delivery of our flagship financial literacy program, MoneyMinded,” Mr Minam added.

Since launching in 2010, the program has been delivered to over 5000 local people and about 355,000 people across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific since 2003.

Mr Minam said they would continue seeking ways to enhance the digital banking experience of its customers, such as through the recent launch of its Visa Debit Card, access to  ANZ Internet Banking for Vodafone customers without incurring data costs, and the acceptance of UnionPay cards on ANZ’s ATM and EFTPOS network.