Computer 1 Solutions

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:27 a.m.


The evolving nature of technology continually disrupts workplaces and creates difficulty in satisfying employee needs while maintaining productivity and growth.

Computer 1, however, represents the world’s leading imaging brand, Canon for sales and services of all business ranges of products and solutions.

Its strategies accelerate the success of its customers by leveraging market-leading capabilities.

Based in in Vatuwaqa, it’s a next -generation document solutions and software development company with a passion for transforming the way you work.

Its central focus is on digitally transforming print, document, information management and business process management, and achieving the business objectives of customers.

“We consult with our customers in strategic partnerships to help them understand technology needs, analyse the business costs, propose right solutions, deploy, manage and ensure transformation,” notes founder, Avinesh Krishna.

The solution categories that reinforces customer success include hybrid print management, document solutions, Cloud, data and analytics, automation, mobility, business consulting, customizes software solutions and Technology Lifecycle Management.

Through the use of these solutions, customers can enjoy lower costs for print and document, increased productivity, organizational agility and enterprise growth, improved business process with workflow, security, integrity, compliance and risk management, as well as innovation and strategic positioning.

Visit, (e), (t) 3386483, (m) 9990410, (m) 9990976.