Tenants Urged to Apply for Lease Renewals

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:26 a.m.


Some 400 tenants whose native leases have expired have yet to lodge their applications for renewals.

The I Taukei Land Trust Board (TLTB), which oversees the administration of native land leases, have urged tenants with  leases that expire up to 2022 to apply for renewals as soon as possible.

It noted that renewal applications were important for the continuity in lease tenure security and land investment, and that where land may be needed for other higher or best use of by the landowners for their use, the affected tenants would be notified well in advance to prepare themselves.

“There are three primary requirements to be considered for renewal; rent payment are updated, land productively utilized under good husbandry practice and that land is not used in any purpose contravening the agricultural use,” TLTB stated.

Banks and lending institutions must also consent to the surrender if lease titles are held under collateral, with new lease titles to be returned to them by irrevocable authority.

Though there are about 1000 cane and non-cane lease expiring from 2017 to 2022, the TLTB have renewed just over a hundred leases.

“ Tenants are reminded that non-actions may result in displacement from the land,” it warned.

To ease the process, the TLTB has waived a surrender fee of $900 to further assist farmers.