Blue Ray Real Investment; A Truly Local Focus

March 23, 2018, 1:29 p.m.

Also known as Blue Ray Investments (Fiji) Limited, Blue Ray Realtors is a key player in the real estate market, renowned for good property deals. Its a fast-growing company which has been creating its name in recent years.

It has a list of good deals which has taken investors, purchasers and property owners into a new level through its latest sales knowledge and techniques.

Blue Ray Investments (Fiji) Limiteds team is a confident in helping property owners, purchasers and investors in every step of finalizing any of its deals.

The Blue Ray team is a well-known real estate sales organizations in Fiji, but our focus is on being the very best. With our field experience, we have learnt a few things about how people want to buy, sell and rent property. We are here to share those learnings and to offer you the best advice possible.

You will find Blue Ray officers accessible and ready to offer you simple and straight forward advice. And because Blue Rays office is independently owned and operated, you get a truly local focus with the passion and experience of agents in your area, combined with the benefits of our widespread connections.

Were the experts- and were at your service.

Thinking of selling or renting your property? Call us.

Our company will pay a few for real estate referrals. Get in touch with Blue Ray team if you know of anyone who is selling properties.

Office: 208 Waimanu Rd Suva, Fiji Islands | P.O Box 16682 Suva | | 999678