Expansion Plans for Bayshore

Nov. 15, 2017, 10:27 a.m.

Expansion Plans for Bayshore

The real estate business could be described as a cutthroat industry globally with the concept of survival of the fittest ringing true for those who survive and thrive in the industry.

Bayshore Real Estate (Fiji) Ltd could be described as one that has managed to survive the competition and grow stronger in the face of constant competition from other industry players in Fiji.

The company started its operations last year with its first office in Vitogo Pde, Lautoka and has expanded its operations since then.

Company director Arif Khan said the Bayshore brand was started in 1999 in Hayward, California where he practised as a real estate broker for more than 18 years and obtained a Masters in Business with a real estate specialisation.

“After two decades in the US, it was an opportune time to return home after monitoring the consistent economic growth and increased connectivity,” said Mr Khan.

He said with their first office, the company saw an opportunity to provide professional service with better trained real estate agents.

“We started with one agent established our policies and process before recruiting other agents. The agents go through an intensive four-day class and pass a test before practising real estate.

“We have grown close to 10 agents and will continue to be a boutique real estate company in order to better service our clients by good management practices.”

Mr Khan said the demand for their service increased after they established the Bayshore brand in Lautoka and the high demand from people led to the opening of the Nadi market centre.

“We began operations mid 2017 at the Colonial Plaza Waqadra with four agents with an opening for two more agents.

“The Nadi operations have grown steadily. There will be another training next week in Lautoka and we are actively recruiting,” he said.

With the company set on an expansion phase, Mr Khan said their investment was continuing and he stressed that they were investing in both human capital and technology to stay ahead in the market.

He said Fiji was a growing economy and experiencing a construction boom which meant there was room for more agents that would make it competitive and a necessity to enhance the service and customer service experience.

“While most agents are providing quality service, there is also a significant part of the real estate community who are subscribing to the standard code of conduct as well as the code of ethics,” he said.

“Real Estate Agents Licensing Board is addressing these issues in the revised legislation. I commend the REALB and the board for the foresight to implement these issues that will contribute to a vibrant real estate sector. Bayshore has also made valuable contributions and we are always willing to work with REALB to shape the industry for the better.”

The company has two branches — Lautoka and Nadi and Mr Khan said they were looking to have a local presence to service the Suva market area.

This article was originally published by The Fiji Times on October 7, 2017. 
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