Lands Ministry for State Valuation

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:03 a.m.

Lands Ministry for State ValuationThe Lands Ministry will be undertaking all valuation works for the Government, confirmed Minister, Faiyaz Koya in Parliament this week.

He said these would include the valuation and negotiation of ground rentals for all States lease on I Taukei (indigenously-owned) land under the I Taukei Lands Act.

“The Valuation Division of the Ministry has taken a proactive role by identifying dormant leases,” Koya said.

“A total of nine inactive leases are under Surrender Process now for reversion to iTaukei Land Trust Board and the landowning units.”

These include the Vanuabalavu bio-fuel project, Government’s agriculture station in Wainibuka, the Nuku Seismographic Station in Serua, Bitulase Agricultural Station in Waidina, Taqare Seismographic Station in Namosi, Nacau Seismographic Station in Wainimala, Ovea Agricultural Quarters in Tailevu, Naiyala Agricultural Quarters and the Wainunu Seismic Station in Bua.

Lands Ministry will also be upgrading the country’s geodetic datum.

The coordinate system uses references points to locate places on Earth, and used for applications like the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to operate.

“Fiji’s geodetic datum is out-dated and when compared to international standards, it has poor and low accuracy,” Koya said.

“The Ministry has therefore taken the initiative to upgrade the National Geodetic Framework in order to address the growing demand for more precise positioning frameworks.”

He said the framework was also essential for effective decision-making and additionally, a vital underpinning infrastructure applied in areas of natural hazard and disaster management, sea level and climate change monitoring, sustainable management and developing earth resources, spatial data interoperability, land management and the mapping and navigation of society at large.

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