Lease Money Funds Housing

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:27 a.m.


BAUXITE landowners in Wainunu, Bua have received the first portion of their $1.8 million lease money.

Although executives of the iTaukei Lands Trust Board could not be reached for a comment yesterday, the head of the Navunivuvudi mataqali of Nadua Village, Inosi Masivava confirmed they had received $104,000.

The funds have been used to improve housing condition and build new houses for their younger members.

“There are 26 members in the mataqali and when we shared that money, each member received $4000,” Mr Masivava said.

“So we have already drawn up a development program for our own members and the first one is the construction of new houses for our young boys because there are a lot of them.”

The paperworks for the housing project would be submitted to the carpenter next week who would release the plan of the houses.

Mr Masivava said the details of the project would also be submitted to the TLTB.

“That is very important because we want them to know that we are making good use of the lease money,” he said.

“The lease money for the younger generation, those who are under 18 years old has not been released and is being kept by TLTB.

“Education is the second-phase of our development program because we want to educate our children.”

This article first appeared in The Fiji Times on September 20, 2016.