Protect Your Family with Cyclone Insurance

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:27 a.m.

Cyclone cover is necessary for protecting your most valuable assets – your home and family. It provides a financial safety net in times of strife, allowing you to rebuild your property and life with relative ease and comfort.

This Rakiraki family are amongst hundreds who can attest to the huge benefit of investing in cyclone cover with TOWER Insurance.

They had only moved into their dream home when Tropical Cyclone Winston made historical landfall in Fiji, wiping out thousands of houses and killing over 40 people.

A Category-5 cyclone, Winston was the strongest storm in recorded history for the Southern Hemisphere, and spiraled right through the Fiji Islands, even destroying homes that were rated as cyclone-certified such as this family’s.

“The eye of the cyclone passed above us and we had my eight-month old baby, and lost everything,” they related.

The family had wisely invested in cyclone cover with TOWER, a decision that would relieve them of much financial burden.

“Looking back, getting that insurance was a really good decision. The cyclone is one of those things that you think won’t happen to you but it can happen to anybody.”

While your home is repairable, your family is irreplaceable. It is worth making sure that your property can at a minimum withstand a Category-3 cyclone, and insured with suitable cyclone cover for unforeseen circumstances that could damage your property or injure your loved ones.

“I thought insurance was just a formality – I didn’t know it was a policy that was going to secure my future.”

To ensure your family and property’s future is well covered, contact TOWER for a suitable package today. Call 5496 or 5497 (Suva) or 6661899 (Nadi), or find out more on