Resurgence for Labasa Commercial Properties

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:21 a.m.


LABASA is going through resurgence in commercial property development.

The latest development is the new $3.8 million MH outlet, Labasa branch, which will open today.

Carpenters Fiji director retail marketing Sabaratnam Kunaseelan said they saw the Northern Division to be a great place for their business operation.

“We have had business here in the past and we still have our old MH supermarket here in town and we plan to keep on growing and our plan is to also give the northerners the same service and treatment that they see with our MHCC branch in Suva,” he said.

Mr Kunaseelan said there were 80 new employees on board and they planned to get even more people for other property projects that they were working on.

“We still have a lot of projects next year apart from our property projects,” he said.

“There are five more stores up for renovation and two more new supermarkets are already located at their new locations while five more MH Homemaker stores will also be opened today and altogether we have 12 new stores to open soon.”

Mr Kunaseelan said their new MH Labasa branch had a wide variety of goods for their customers.

There will be three other MH stores opened today in Navua, Levuka and Nadi.

This article first appeared in The Fiji Times on November 25, 2016.