Timeshare in Fiji

Aug. 9, 2018, 4:35 a.m.


Experiencing the world at a cheaper rate is the latest trend now with many opting for the idea of Timeshare. This is the latest form of tourism which is fast becoming a trend in Fiji. Often called vacation ownership, timeshare enables one to be able to rent out a villa for a certain period in the future at today’s rate and visit any time they like.

In some cases, a vacation club is set up where those that are members earn merit points and at the end of the year, they use those points to buy a vacation in tourist destinations around the world.

Many families nowadays are opting for this form of recreation as it allows them to enjoy time together as a family in world class facilities at a cost which is within their means. Choosing a timeshare is the more optional choice as the family on vacation (timeshare owner) will choose a facility that meets their requirements such as multi bedroom units, along with a fully equipped kitchen, living room and bedrooms. Timeshare facilities also include a dryer, washer and even cleaning services all which is offered at the resorts however at a much cheaper rate.



This is where units mostly resort condominium units have multiple people renting the unit during an allotted period. The units may be sold as partial ownership, lease or in some cases, the families using the property are just renting it for a brief time which may be even up to a week. In many cases, a property can be owned by several people who use it at various times throughout the year. Sometimes, towners even “swap” timeshares to visit various locations around the world. At times, it is an even better alternative to booking a hotel room.

Compared to hotel rooms, timeshare owners will be able to choose a unit that best suits them and then book it for future use at today’s rate. The property (units) they choose can be spacious lodgings, with all the amenities such as fireplaces, entertainment centres and even a jacuzzi. It will be their home away from home. Another upside to timeshare is that they can cook what they want to eat as they will be provided with a fully equipped kitchenette.


Types of Timeshare

Choosing a timeshare involves picking a property with the right amount of space, meets the needs of the family as well as affordable. The types of timeshares available are:

1. Fixed Week -This is where the owner of the Unit owns the rights to the place in the same week, year in and year out, for as long as the contract states. With just once fixed rate for the timeshare, the owner can rent out his block of time or trade with owners of other properties.

2. Floating -This is the scenario where the buyer can reserve his own time during a given period of the year. The downside to this option is that other shareholders to the Unit may have already snapped up that time you were looking at booking.

3. Right-To-Use -This is where the buyer leases the unit for a period each year over a set number of years. At the end of the day, the developer of the Units is the owner of the property/unit.

4. Points Club -This is like a club where buyers can stay at various locations around the world depending on the amount of points they have accumulated. This style is very similar to Floating type of timeshare however it all depends on the purchasing points the owners have raked up at the club or accumulated. The points are used like currency and timeslots at the unit are reserved on a first-come basis.


5 Reasons to choose Timeshare 

1. Amenities

The main draw for people looking at buying timeshare units are the amenities and services available. Some timeshare units offer onsite amenities like swimming pools, tennis courts and fitness centres. This is one major draw card for many people who look for units to snap up for timeshare. Other appealing factors can be some offsite recreational and relaxation activities, family fun, shopping and dining are often located conveniently close by.


2. Convenience

One major advantage of timeshare is that owners have the flexibility of choosing where and when they want to holiday and how long they can travel for. Timeshare owners find that they save money as they can book for advance holidays and plan properly however pay for the unit at today’s rate and a big bonus is that they only pay a yearly maintenance fee instead of monthly bills, maintenance and cleaning service fees. You will also have a guaranteed vacation destination.


3. Travel the World

When you get bored with your current unit, you can swap with other unit holders or timeshares and travel to other timeshare units around the world. You may be able to rent out your block of time if you can’t use it. Apart from this, you may also use your Unit or timeshare block as a gift to others or even allow for it to be used as a meeting place for family and friends.


Places to Timeshare in Fiji

Timeshare has recently become a fast-growing market. In Fiji there are a few Some resorts that time share in Fiji are The Pearl Resort, The Holiday Club at Fiji Palms and the Pacific Palms Estates in Pacific Harbour in Suva, WorldMark Fiji in Denarau, Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa on Denarau along with Amanuca Island Resort and Naigani Island Resort.


Some do’s and dont’s when Timesharing

When buying a timeshare, people tend to be swayed by their emotion. The thrill of living in an area which is high on the tourist list of places to be, will see many snapping at the chance to own a timeshare. However, always ensure that you have done your homework properly.

1.  Join a club – you can always trade units and even travel the world if you are in a club.

2. Never pay for your unit until you have inspected it. This is where you will be vacationing so always ask to see the place.

3. Always know where you will be staying. Study the culture to ensure that you do not offend anyone or you know where to get the best deals, etc.