Understanding Cyclone Cover with Tower Insurance

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:28 a.m.

Nothing complements a home like security and peace of mind. A strong house is a safe house that will protect your property, your possessions but most importantly, your family. No matter the weather, homes should be built to last and endure any season.

In Fiji, where the last cyclone season saw eight pass through the region, a house that can withstand damaging conditions is necessary and worth the investment.

For your home to be rated cyclone-certified it needs an engineer certificate stating the house can withstand cyclones.

This requires that your home’s structural design and build is in accordance to wind load standards, and only then can your home be accordingly cyclone-certified and insured.

Such building standards significantly reduce the effects of cyclones. With Cyclone Winston, we saw a vast difference in the damage experienced in homes that were built to this standard compared to those that weren’t.

It’s important for home owners to understand that cyclone-certified houses are safer.

They are not just a channel for house insurance, but will firstly serve their purpose of protecting your family and property, your most important assets.

Therefore, it is a crucial investment to have your property built to standards that will protect them.

At a rare Category-5 rating, Tropical Cyclone Winston destroyed homes that were cyclone-certified. Home owners who invested in cyclone cover with TOWER Insurance were financially cushioned.

Insurance provides additional peace of mind to those who build their treasured homes to a standard that can withstand cyclones.

For more information on a suitable package, contact TOWER Insurance on 5496 or 5497 (Suva) or 666 1899 (Nadi), or find out more on www.towerinsurance.com.fj.