Universal Electronics

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:34 a.m.

universal electronics
Three decades after opening, Universal Electronics continues to be a powerhouse in the supply of electronic ware, chemicals and batteries for local businesses and properties.
As Fiji’s first specialist electronics store, the vision of a young technician in Harry Wadan has amassed a loyal clientele base over three decades. Two outlets in Suva and Nadi ensure the consistent provision of a large range of electrical, security, solar components and electronic accessories, with access to over 200,000 products from around the world.
Customers range from young students to older patrons, with the variety of goods giving buyers the incentive to shop regularly and make multiple purchases for several needs in a single visit. In 2012, Universal Electronics became Fiji’s authorised stockist for Jaycar, the largest speciality electronic brand in Australia and New Zealand.
Its ongoing commitment extends to serving its customers with the most accurate product information and in-house discounts.
As its motto promises, “better price, better range and seriously technical.”