13-Level Apartments & Hotel for Nadi

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:22 a.m.

A proposed hotel and apartment development will be presented to Northern Press Rd residents in Martintar, Nadi, following an application to the Nadi Town Council by Frontier Investments Limited.

The company proposes to construct a 13-level hotel and 13-level apartment building with swimming pools, restaurants, gymnasium, conference halls, clubs, bars, carp parks, a business center, and associated facilities on Lot 02, located towards the end of Northern Press Rd.

Nadi Town Council’s newly appointed CEO, Peter Dinning said the site was currently vacant and zoned as Special Others while the predominant land use within the vicinity was residential in nature.

“Considering that the nature of the proposal and its relative location within this residential precinct, the Director considers it imperative that the proposal be presented to the neighboring lot owners so views can be obtained through questionnaires that will be distributed at the end of the presentation,” Dinning outlined.

A subsidiary of the Sharma Design Group, Frontier Investments Limited are also behind the development of the high-rise Grand Fijian that was launched along Forster and Pratt St in Suva in 2014.