Consultations for Subdivision of Land (Amended) Act

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:32 a.m.


Public consultations are underway this month on the first draft of the revised Subdivision of Land Act (140).

Proposed amendments to the draft Act are being presented in parts of the Central and Northern division and relate specifically to land and building developments in the country.

The Subdivision of Land (Amendment) Act 2015 applies to State (and no longer Crown) land that is not subjected to a registered lease, including all land below the mean high water mark, land included within city or town boundaries to which the Local Government Act applies, and land included in any iTaukei or native reserve under the iTaukei Land Trust Act.

Notable amendments apply to the application of land sub-divisions by those requiring the approval of the Town and Country Planning Director. Applicants will be required to:

(a) submit 7 copies of the scheme plans, the Subdivision of Land Application form and Application for Development Permission forms and covering background report in writing to the Director. For major subdivision proposals consisting of more than 20 lots, 10 copies will need to be submitted.

(b) Carry out a pre-lodgement consultation with the Director for applications consisting of over 20 lots or a major subdivision proposal with a total area coverage of 4 hectares and more. The number of plans necessary will also be determined at such meetings.

(c) Engage a local Registered Surveyor to make and lodge the subdivision proposal plan, or the plans to be prepared under the direction of a local Registered Surveyor, or the accredited consultants to lodge a subdivision of scheme plan.

Such applications will only need to be accompanied by a proposal plan – and no longer a diagram in quadruplicate – drawn on stout white paper.

Copies of the drafted, amended Act are available on