New Flagstaff Plaza

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:32 a.m.


THE new Flagstaff Plaza on Bau St in Suva is anticipated to create about 100 to 125 jobs for locals over the construction phase.

After the plaza opens, it is expected about 150 people would be employed as workers in the plaza complex.

With construction work on the land for the plaza already started, developer Fineland Investments Ltd general manager Kowtil Jogia confirmed in an interview yesterday that construction works would be completed in 12 month’s time.

While the investment in the plaza seems to be a substantial amount, the developer and the Fiji Marist Brothers Trust Board Inc remained tight-lipped because of confidentiality.

According to Mr Jogia, there is overwhelming community support for the project and it is supported by the Marist Brothers Old Boys Association.

“Apart from providing an attractive modern shopping environment in the plaza, there will be security provided as well as safe car parking facilities off site and in the plaza itself.

“The new plaza will also provide and accommodate a new fully furnished modern designed Flagstaff Police Post free of charge as a contribution to the Flagstaff community.”

The old police post has now been demolished to make way for the new plaza.

“There will be a balcony at the rear of the complex from where spectators may leisurely view sporting events at Marist Brothers while maybe having a meal, coffee or a simple get together of friends.

“An attractive professionally landscaped garden area will separate the new plaza development from the school grounds to create beautification and environmentally friendly and pleasing surroundings for the plaza, the school and in and around the precincts of the neighbourhood areas.”

On the Bau St frontage, the developer will be carrying out substantial remedial works to the Fiji Roads Authority-owned embankment which are urgently required and without which there is a safety hazard in the school grounds.

Suva City Council has granted a building permit for construction of the new shopping complex. This was done after extensive studies and consultation with FRA and other government authorities.

Comprehensive terms and conditions have been put in place by Suva City Council to ensure the safe and orderly carrying out of the works.

A building contract has been given to Yanjian Group (Fiji) Co Ltd, who are the same contractors carrying out the grandstand and other works at Albert Park, the Ba Hospital among other projects.

This article first appeared in The Fiji Times on June 16,2016.