Lautoka Zone Alteration Approved

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:31 a.m.


A zone alteration by the Lautoka City Council has been approved by the Director of Town and Country Planning.

A public notice from the municipal authority confirmed that the amendment to the approved town planning scheme altering the zoning of land forming Lots 6,7 & 8 ND 3593, Waimanu Rd, Lautoka from Residential A to Residential B has been prepared in terms of the Town Planning Act and have been finally approved.

Copies of the scheme’s particulars are available for public viewing at the council, the office of the Director of Town and Country Planning and the Fiji Football Association building in Suva.

In a separate public notice, the Suva City Council has received approval to relax certain Town Planning General Provision requirements.

With the consent of the Director of Town and Country Planning, it proposes to exercise Provision 6 of the Suva City Council Town Planning Scheme General Provisions (1998) to allow the use of the whole residential building on Lot 1, DP 1482, CT 7118, 2 Denison Rd in Suva for office space.

“The subject site accommodates a split level building with three floors compromising of offices for the applicant and two other tenants and the intention is to regularize the conversion of the existing residential building into office space,” the notice stated.

The proposed development is classified as General Commercial use, which is non-permitted use on Residential ‘B’ zones. Relaxation is being sought to allow the use of the whole building for office spaces.

Objectors to the proposed developers may be made by owners and occupiers of properties in the vicinity of the subject site through written addresses to the Suva City Council CEO, no later than July 10.