Gurbachan Singh Expands to Greenhouses

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:23 a.m.


A LOCALLY owned steel milling company is venturing into manufacturing agricultural supplies with the first being a custom-built greenhouse.

Gurbachan Singh Steel Mills Ltd, which is a division of Gurbachan Singh Group of Companies, plans to launch the project on the 23rd of this month.

The company’s production manager Jasveer Singh said they also planned to introduce the custom built greenhouse in other Pacific Islands.

Mr Singh said a lot of emphasis was being placed on the threat from climate change and food security which was why the company decided to promote the idea of sustainable agricultural practice.

“We will provide whole drip irrigation system, greenhouse and frame and desert cooler.

“We will also provide backup service,” he said.

Mr Singh said the greenhouse could be used for planting cash crops such as mushroom, chili, tomatoes, flowers, ladyfinger and other vegetables.

According to the company, the advantages of the greenhouse were many some of which included:

* 10 to 12 times higher yield than outdoor growth;

* control of water wastage;

* off-season production of vegetables and flowers;

* disease free;

* easy for cultivation; and

* efficient utilisation of chemical and fertiliser.

Mr Singh said their plans were to also design and build greenhouses for every home in order to encourage and allow people to grow their own fruits and vegetables at home.

“There will be a website through which customers will tell us what type of farming you need and we will build upon your demand,” he said.

He assured that whole cost of the structure would be very economical and would be affordable by any individual within low budgets.

This article was originally published by The Fiji Times on November 9, 2016.