Business Park Nears Completion

Feb. 13, 2018, 11:38 a.m.

The $30 million Motibhai Business Park in Nadi is nearing completion for what will be a landmark commercial development along the Queens Rd at Legalega.

 “Work on the gigantic Motibhai Business Park is progressing well with the near-completion of the massive warehouse and cold-storage facilities for Burger King.”

Motibhai Group executive director Bhupendra Patel is overseeing the project and said the warehouse and dry storage should be operational in a few months.

“I can proudly confirm that our centralized distribution center for the Western division and cold-storage facilities for BK will be up and running very soon. Our reserve water storage facilities which has a capacity to hold 425,000 liters of water is also complete together with the fire sprinkler system for the entire building. All internal pallet racking system has been installed and we are just waiting on some minor works to get the final clearance to move in.”

The third phase of the project entails a new office complex adjacent to the site’s massive distribution centre. Patel said this was also progressing well.

 “The office complex which sits next to the warehouse is half-way through and should be ready by the end of this year. The project sets a platform for Motibhai Group to strategically position itself for all its diverse business operations as well as future expansions.

“It will be a one-stop-shop comprising of executive and administration offices, warehouse, showroom, joinery and mechanical workshops, visual department, staff canteen and amenities together with cold storage facilities to cater for Burger King Fiji operations. At the moment, our warehouses are scattered all over the place from Ba up to Nadi and the new complex will have a centralized operation to make day-to-day operations much smoother and efficient for us,” Patel added.

A leading business house with diversified operations that include luxury, domestic and travel detail, manufacturing, importation, export and wholesaling of fast moving consumer goods, print media, real estate, serviced apartments and restaurants and beverage outlets, the Motibhai Group have marked continued investment and expansions locally and regionally.  

The Motibhai Business Park is located at West Road in Legalega Subdivision near Nadi International Airport.