Hospitality Product Suppliers Expand

May 10, 2018, 8:29 a.m.

Hospitality product suppliers, Restaurant & Hotel Product Distributors have expanded with a second base in Nadi to better cater for the country’s demanding tourism sector- the largest industry in Fiji.

The company said there had always been demand for their items throughout the country and other Pacific islands, which led them to branch out of their headquarters at Raojibhai Street in Suva.

“We have items for everybody who includes business houses, hotels, restaurants and bars, domestic households and warehouses etc,” the company noted.

“Our target range of customers is quite big, which helps us survive in this diversified market.”

Since opening in Nadi’s Martintar, customer feedback has been positive.

“Like any other new business, we have been getting quite a good response as far as introduction is concerned. Customers will take time with the transition of supplier however looks very promising in the months to come. We already have customers calling in for quotes and are handling some big projects already. Customers now have access to many good quality products at a very affordable price, shorter delivery time and good after sales service.”

The company notes that while their products are not exceptionally new to the market, they stand apart for presentation and exceptional detail to customer care, timely service, quality products and knowledge staff.

“We are trying to introduce very cost effective, time saving and environment friendly products amongst our customers. We do not entirely try to differentiate our existence in the market by our product but trying to grow by our service and fulfill our customer’s needs.”

 “RHPD is new to Nadi but not our staff and products as. Nadi is a growing town and we have our expectations quite high to grow together. We have support from our customers and we believe in them to succeed.”

And with an extensive selection of tourism properties and growing commercial precincts to cater to, Nadi has been an attractive place for growing businesses, the company added.