Momi Town By The Sea Taking Shape

April 25, 2018, 11:38 a.m.

Momi Town by the Sea – that is the new town that will be built near Nadi, at an ever-expanding tour­ist location.

The town, which will be the hub of Momi will have a modern day shopping complex that will include restaurants, bars, close to 10 shops and a 50-apartment block build­ing.

The apartments would all be self-con­tained.

There are plans to house an authentic Fi­jian restaurant on the hill overlooking the town.

The main concept of the town is creat­ing a link between the Fiji Marriott Resort Momi Bay and the soon-to-be built $80 mil­lion So Sofitel at the former Sea Shell Cove site.

It is an investment of close to $30 million.

Overseas and local investors, includ­ing some prominent businesses in Fiji and proven hotel and resort owners have thrown their weight behind the project.

The project has received the blessings of the Nadroga high chief, the Tui Nalolo Ratu Kini Vosailagi.

The landowners have also endorsed the property, which is called Katonimata.

An investor, who wished to remain anony­mous for now, said the project was expect­ed to begin towards the end of 2018, assum­ing all matters pertaining to the land and development were in place.

The investor said it would take around two years to build.

About Sea Shell Cove Resort

The old Sea Shell Cove Resort has since been demolished with the construction of So Sofitel already underway.

The owners want to make the restaurant and bar affordable as they aim to “fill in the gap” for patrons of the nearby resorts.

Part of the 17-acre land has already been earmarked for the construction of town.

Once completed, the centre of the town will sit approximately 500 metres from both the Marriott and Sofitel So.

The remaining land will be used for oth­er future developments.

The land on which the town would be built almost touches Marriott’s boundary.

“The centre of the town would be about 100 metres from the white sandy beach,” the investor said.

“We are carrying out a feasibility study and also the ag­riculture lease on the land is ready to be transformed into a commercial lease.”

Landowners of the mataqali Lewedaga and one of the parties of the project, Malakai Kurirara and Napolioni Rugu said they were delighted with the plans for the town.

“We are happy that this project would be built on our land,” Mr Kurirara said.

Ratu Kini said he was fully supportive of the project.

“I have given them my blessings and can’t wait till the project begins – the sooner the better,” Ratu Kini said.

“This will bring a lot of blessings to the people as while they receive their lease money the people from the sur­rounding villagers have more opportunities with finding work.”

The villagers in the area were sugar cane farmers previ­ously but with the fast development of the area into tour­ism projects, they were finding it more rewarding now with their land being utilised by top brand name hotels and resorts.

This article was originally published in the Fiji Sun newspaper on April 21, 2018.