Navin's Real Estate; Ensuring Healthy Returns

March 21, 2018, 5:02 a.m.


INVESTORS who want healthy returns on their properties know who to talk to.

Navin’s Real Estate has established itself as a trusted full service real estate outlet in the heart of Suva City, with an exceptional selection of coveted hours, land lots and commercial and industrial listings proving credibility for discerning clients.

Owner, Navin Prasad has developed an innate insight of the market and a proactive approach to delivering client satisfaction in a timely, efficient manner for the benefit of both buyers and sellers. And it’s his attention to detail and shrewd negotiation skills that have served all parties well.
“Real Estate in Fiji is a very challenging experience, with so many in this business alongside the availability of properties, though I have managed well through this challenge in satisfying my clients as they have requested me to do so.
I have worked along with property buyers in finding them specific land and houses, together with commercial clients seeking great investment properties.”
“With years of experience I have a clear understanding of clients local or overseas as to what their request is and have delivered the same to my clients.”
Navin deals in all matters of real estate and available for clients seeking to buy, sell, rent, obtain tenants and other requirements for all zoning and lease types- residential, commercial, industrial, hotels/resorts, motels and vacant land in cities, towns or rural areas and outer islands.
“I do real estate business exactly how clients want, with no hassle nor headaches, and guide them through a transparent transaction without any hidden fees or costs.”
His clients know what a good agent entails, and that includes a skilled realtor who can help them sell mortgaged properties ahead of mortgaged sales and assist them with retaining their finances.
“I believe that clients deserve the best our services and this motivation has been a driving force to making sure they are supported and happy. I have clients ready to invest and just waiting new properties to list for sale, for rent, for lease So CALL ME!”

So, what are you waiting for. . .  

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