Paradise Realtors; Customizing Realty Needs

March 20, 2018, 11:50 a.m.



PARADISE REALTORS FIJI LIMITED is mastered by Sam and Shakuntla Mani (managing directors). Paradise Realtors understand the personal needs of clients who require reliability and instant accessibility to their agents.

As master marketers, our team of highly trained agents have sold properties within days of their listings, reflecting their customized approach to each collection. We are a growing market, with hotels going up and new properties to cater such developments through housing, commerce and many more, so it’s an interesting time to witness this huge investment in the country. And this only serves to reflect Fiji’s platform as an attractive investment for buyers.

·        260 acres, agricultural land, ideal for cattle farming in Nawaicoba, Nadi for $350k.

·        Nadi city properties, commercial and industrial lots, close to Nadi Town and airport.

·        2 acres, Crown land along Queen Highway, ideal for commercial use, sugarcane farm with cane contract, iconic Sleeping Giant mountain views in Waimalika, Nadi for $140k.

·        Great investment opportunity with 3xtown house, fully furnished in Northern Press Rd for $2.4 million.

“If you are looking forward to investing your money with good returns in the future, talk to me – I have the perfect answer you are looking for. Also, if you wish to sell, I have great buyers for properties, enabling vendors to get some money for their start, with the majority of clients ready.

Priya Chand is an enthusiastic person with good interactive skills working as a personal assistant for Paradise Realtors. Commencing a double major in Human Resource management and International Business management at the University of the South Pacific, she joins us at Paradise Realtors for valuable experience and has had a perfect start.