Prime Stone Realty; Servicing All Real Estate Needs

March 20, 2018, 11:56 a.m.

Arunesh Prasad is a seasoned realtor with a flair for snapping up residential jewels for discerning property hunters.

The Director of Primestone Realty has established it as one of Suvas most renowned real estate boutiques, covering a multitude of commercial and residential apartments, villas, farms, multi-family and single-family properties.

Leading a team of experienced sales staff with listings in Fijis Central, Western and Northern division, Prasad has accumulated years of valuable experience and industry expertise, and has also successfully negotiated resort properties.

Primestone is perched along 32 Spring Rd in Toorak, presenting buyers, sellers and overseas-based property hunters full services that include renting, appraisals, property management and consultancy for discerning investors.

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Primestone Realty

32 Spring Street, Toorak

Suva City, Central, Fiji

Call 876 2247