Review for National Building Code

March 21, 2018, 11:34 a.m.

A review of the National Building Code is underway by the Fijian Government.

Minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism, Lands & Mineral Resources, Faiyaz Koya confirmed this while officiating at the Roofing & Profiles (Fiji) Ltd- sponsored Trade Night in Suva.

“When talking about quality building materials. standards play a crucial role,” he said.

“Standards ensure the quality and consistency of products and services is maintained and its gives businesses and consumer’s greater peace of mind. When there are high quality standards it also benefits the economy, improve health and safety, protect our natural resources, and improve our quality of life.

Having building and building materials standards boost confidence.

“Businesses and consumers can feel confident that the products they use are safe, reliable and fit-for-purpose. Building standards are a launch pad for exciting new ideas, as it enhances innovation. They can be created, evolved or discarded according to our changing world. New standards are developed to reflect the latest technologies, innovations and community needs.”

Koya said that it was in this regard that the Government is working on reviewing the National Building Code, which provides the minimum standards for the construction of buildings and material used in construction.

The Minister said this review would ensure that the Code is modernized and renewed.

“Building standards give products a competitive edge. In the eyes of consumers, products that comply with Fijian Standards offer added value.

It also reduces barriers to international trade. Regardless of where a product is made, standards mean it can be sold and used around the globe. Opening new doors to international trade, standards help Fijian businesses compete locally and globally and to a wider market.”

He said furthermore, standards assist in harmonizing Fijian laws and regulations, thus reduces red tape and offer an alternative to regulation, reducing business costs and decreasing red tape, but still providing security for businesses and consumers.

“One must not forget that standards are central to Fijian business. They make business transactions simpler and more efficient and assist with risk mitigation and compliance. Put simply, standards help our businesses thrive.”

The three standard categories include international standards (ISO/IEC/Codex, regional (AS/NZS) and national standards-Fijian standards.

Additionally, there are 15 local companies who are standard-compliant, Koya noted., with nine in the Central division, five in the West and one in Fiji’s North.

“We however, anticipate an increase in these numbers in years to come and I urge other companies to do the same and be compliant.”

The Edmonds Trade Night by Roofing and Profiles (Fiji) Limited was hosted at the Albert Park Pavilion. A major manufacturer and distributor of roofing sheets and accessories, the company was commended for its expansion and production of cyclonic tested roofing profiles.