Amnesty Period Ends

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:01 a.m.

Amnesty Period Ends

The i Taukei Land Trust’s (TLTB) amnesty period for defaulting tenants ends June 30, and it warns that it is taking tenants to court for defaulting their rent payment for several years, which could also result in their eviction from the leased properties.

 As part of TLTB’s arrears drive, some 2059 tenants will be taken to court this year and tenants are warned that TLTB is obtaining FIFA (fieri facias) court orders to repossess leases and evict tenants where and when necessary to ensure rents are paid and landowners receive their dues,” it noted.

 The Board is responsible for the management and administration of Native land leases and says it has collected a sum of $2,528,776.60 in rent arrears this year.  

 These collections resulted from continuous follows-up by the TLTB arrears team and from tenants who took advantage of an interest waiver if rent arrear payments were paid in full, noted TLTB Deputy General Manager Operations, Research & Development, Solo Nata.

 “20369 defaulting tenants have cleared their rent arrears resulting in the payment of $2,528,776.60.

“1716 defaulting tenants are making part payment to clear their rent ar­rears and so far, paid $603,003.97.”

 Nata said tenants had to make use of the Amnesty Period offered by TLTB to waive interest if full rent ar­rears payment were made especially when the amnesty had been extend­ed to June 30, while tenants in rent arrears have been strongly advised to call into any TLTB Office, bank, post offices, or MH supermar­ket outlets to pay their rent and avoid losing their lease properties.

 The hundred per cent waiver on interest for rental dues paid in full was announced in March this year, encouraging defaulting tenants to pay off their accounts.

 The TLTB stated that non-payment of land rent was a clear indication of tenants’ complete disregard of their legal obligations as tenants of the TLTB.

“We will be taking extreme measures if tenants fail to comply with the above including legal actions and as a result tenants may lose their properties,” they warned, adding that payment would avoid unnecessary inconvenience to tenants and their businesses and families.

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