Bilo Peninsula on the Market

Oct. 3, 2017, 6 a.m.

Bilo Peninsula on the Market

Expressions of interest for Bilo Peninsula in Suva have been publicized by the I Taukei Land Trust Board, administrators of Native land leases and Fiji’s largest provider of land and real estate services. With frontage of Suva Harbour, the peninsula is strategically located across the city’s CBD at Delaibilo and falls under integrated development (mixed use) zoning.

“The Bilo Peninsula Integrated Development Project is planned to be developed on approximately 90.8 acres (with the possibility of expansion) of iTaukei Land in a tropical ocean view setting which is situated west of Fiji’s Capital City Suva, and is highly visible across the Suva Harbour,” the TLTB noted. It said the peninsula’s high visibility and aesthetically pleasing features gave the area unique potential.

The site has ample accessibility via Bilo Rd, a kilometre off the main Queens Rd and possesses a large, undeveloped acreage of native land, which the TLTB noted was currently facing increasing development pressure. “All utilities such as water, electricity, and telecommunication services are readily available around the subject site vicinity.

“The location and history, scenic vistas, and physical features of certain sites on the Bilo Peninsula appear to make them excellent areas for residential and commercial development, tourist and recreational development, public marina, historical park (Bilo Battery Park), and other associated service and entertainment facilities.”

The TLTB said it was willing to consider a Public Private Partnership or any other arrangements with any individual institution or a company that would be willing to lease and develop the land as a tourism and mixed use investment project concept, with a long-term leasing arrangement.

Bilo Peninsula on the Market

Of Fiji’s total land mass, 93 per cent is Native land, whose leases are only administered by the TLTB. The survey of Government property on Native land was recently allocated $455,059 in the Fijian Government’s new fiscal year, 2017-2018. This is to facilitate the issuance of registered leases and since 2008, 88 out of 277 stations have been surveyed.

A budgetary allocation has also been directed towards the survey of mahogany plantations on Native land, with $512,486 for this undertaking. The Government noted that these surveys would provide valuable information for sustainable use and management.

“The survey of the Galoa plantation (total area is 7,382.3 ha) was completed in 2015.  The survey of the Nukurua is 54.8 per cent complete (total area is 8,440.68 ha with 4,626.79 ha surveyed) while Naboutini is 65.7 complete (total area is 4,729 ha with 3,108 ha surveyed).”

These areas have been prioritized in accordance with the harvesting schedule of the Fiji Hardwood Corporation Limited.

Other surveys that received a budgetary allocation include the National Geodetic infrastructure, which was given $150,000. Government said this links unconnected areas to the National Framework System and upgrades existing areas to ensure that survey control marks are accessible to surveyors to carry out their survey works.

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