Construction Arm for HA

Oct. 3, 2017, 5:58 a.m.

Construction Arm for HA

A new construction arm was launched this week by the Housing Authority of Fiji.

“In its program to deliver housing for the people of Fiji, HA is embarking on an initiative to facilitate development and construction works, in consultation with contractors and heavy machinery provides on its own by doing design and building concepts.”

According to HA, this would facilitate cheaper development costs and allow more affordable lots.

“For the first time in the history of the Housing Authority, such a process of this construction arm (EPC Engineering, Procurement & Construction) is being implemented on ground.”

The new program is going to be trialled at a civil works development in Tacirua, where the HA’s East State 2 subdivision (Phase 3A) is being carried out, confirmed CEO, Dr Punit Sethi, who joined HA in June.

“Should this be successful, it will be considered for future Housing Authority developments and construction,” he said.

The HA says the initiative was achieved through a concerted effort by all its staff, including the CEO, technical, finance, lending and customer relations departments.

“The ultimate objective of this initiative is to reduce the construction cost and pass the benefits to the deserving customers of the Housing Authority.

A key requirement is to maintain the production of quality products that are both affordable and fulfil all statutory requirements.”

“For a start, this program of in-house designing and building will be tried at Tacirua East Phase 1A, Nepani, Nasinu and Matavolivoli in Nadi. To be successful in this venture, the Housing Authority is reliant and appreciates that assistance and support of its partners and key stakeholders.”

HA said that going forward, it is also considering the construction of singular houses and strata units on the same basis, to allow the Housing Authority to produce more affordable land and house packages.

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