Geospatial Portal Launched

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:21 a.m.


LANDS Minister Faiyaz Koya has launched a new web portal platform to share technical and geographic information formerly kept in print.

The VanuaGIS will allow authorized users to access digitally assembled information in a single web portal, as an interacted web-GSI product.

“With the intention to better coordinate development efforts through effective formulation, implementation and monitoring of initiatives, Government saw the need to have all geospatial information centralized to facilitate its planning and decision making in the sustainable management of national land use activities,” Koya noted at the launch, held in Suva.

Amid a complete online transition, he said they were past using CD-ROMs and dongles to access land parcel information, which could now be done from any location via smart gadgets.

“This has increased improved ICT connectivity, which provides an opportunity to make geospatial dynamically displayed and easily accessed.

“What we are about to witness is a milestone achievement as far as geospatial information management in Fiji is concerned. It will connect you to the rest of the world with a click of a button,” Koya added.

The VanuaGIS will act as Government’s repository for geospatial information and will be updated by data custodians and managed by Koya’s ministry.