Grand President Stirs Interest

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:31 a.m.


Expressions of interest have begun flooding in for the Grand President, the latest addition to Suva’s CBD skyline, and what has been touted as a landmark building by DC Singh’s Investments Limited (DCSIL).

“We have received good response from corporate and other institutions and in the process of further talks,” confirmed its exclusive marketing and leasing agency, Suva Realty Management.

“We will firm up on the reserved or leased floors in the coming weeks, before releasing the remainder on the market.”

Slated to soon begin construction on the corner of Loftus St and Goodenough St, the 17-floor mixed commercial building will take advantage of local climate conditions, and undertaken a Green Building approach.

” The Grand President would like to incorporate green initiatives in its contribution towards a Sustainable Green Fiji. In its bid, being paramount is the natural light usage and complimenting it with LED lighting system resulting in lower energy demand.”

The Grand President’s development will also incorporate thermal insulation and double glazing to insulate and lower cooling demands.

Part of its standout design is a rooftop, open-plan conference area, with developers determined to provide an edge over other entertainment alternatives.

“Most conference facilities are confined to ground floor, however to set us apart from the rest of the facilities , we have opted for something unmatched in Suva.”