Chosing the best holiday house rental

Sept. 20, 2018, 9:03 a.m.

Snapping up that chance to escape from your busy life or just planning that family getaway is at times a headache as you will have to calculate your expenses, scout for an affordable package and at times wait for the chance to pop up.

In some cases, the best offer at times may not suit your needs and maybe not even suit your family.Therefore it may be time to consider renting a holiday home. This is fast becoming a trend nowadays and many of suh homes have been popping up around the globe.


What is a Holiday house

A holiday home or vacation property is accommodation that is used only for the holiday vacations. The properties are typically small homes that vacationers can rent and run as if it is their own homes for the duration of their stay. The properties can be owned by the holidaying family (usually called holiday homes) or rented to others by a real estate agency.

A vacation rental is the renting out of a furnished apartment, house or a professionally managed resort-condominium complex on a temporary basis to tourists as an alternative to a hotel.  

Many vacationers are opting for single family residence that they can rent on a nightly or weekly basis.  These holiday houses in many cases offer the same facilities offered by resorts and with less of a hassle as compared to living in hotels and resorts.

Holiday homes are more cheaper when compared to hotels and also allows vacationers more freedom. A holiday home will allow you and your family the chance to be able to

Some vacation rentals such as condominiums or apartments offer many of the same services hotels have on offer such as frontdesk check-ins, 24 hour maintenance, in-house housekeeping and concierge.


Holiday home vs Resort or hotel

A holiday home rental  gives you the opportunity to book a whole house or apartment which will give you the ease of doing your own activities, choosing your own rom and even cooking your own meal as opposed to a resort which which may offer you certain services but does not come with that much freedom as opposed to a rental.

It is also cost effective as you are able to rent a whole apartment or house and have as many people as you like whereas a hotel will restrict the number of people you can host in your room.

Family oriented as opposed to a hotel. In the Rental you will finally choose, it will have the same setting as any home and allow you access to your children without having to sleep rooms apart or away from each other.


How to choose

When budgeting for a vacation, chances are that accommodation will take up the bulk of your budget or projected expenses. However, with vacation rental homes becoming readily available in the country, it's worth taking a look.


Some tips when scouting for an ideal vacation rental

Always research (read, read & read)

Your choice of lodging matters the most when booking a holiday. It is so important that it either make or break your vacation. Do not be fooled by the glossy pictures, breathtaking views and luxurious rooms or even the delicious looking food. Always read the user views. Do not limit yourself to the ones on the establishment’s website. Go to other sites and search the vacation home. 

Check the location

Always do your research before settling on a holiday home. If you are looking for peace and quiet, choose one which is away from the main city however if you are looking at sight seeing, choose a facility in an area where these activities are accessible. Check the transportation network and also see if you are in a place closer to the important services like hospitals, police stations, banks, etc.

Scrutinise the facilities

Your holiday home is not just a place for sleeping. It is where you will unwind after a full day of  sightseeing, fun activities and even hiking. It is the place where your family will get together and talk about the fun you have ad for the day. As such, it is very important that the facility you choose has the following:

  1. An entertainment centre - where you can play relaxing music

  2. A well stocked panrty

  3. A fully equipped Kitchen area

Ask for reference

Your friends may have also rented out a holiday apartment and it would be great to have a chat with them and see what you can expect. You may also be in for afew surprises.

Use reputable websites

An online search may be the answer to your dreams however the biggest challenge is finding that one site to determine if the house that is listed is actually the rental house. 

Get your dates sorted.

Always carry out your searches with the correct dates so that you narrow down the houses which are available and also ensure that you are not flooded with a whole list of houses or condos.

In Fiji, there are holiday homes right around the country. At a click of a button, one is able to locate and book anywhere in the archipelago whether it be in teh country's capital of Suva, the Sugar City of Lautoka, Nadi town, Levuka or even in the Yasawa group. When making the choice, it is always best to see that you choose the best so that you are not left empty pocketed at the end of the holiday as well as leave Fiji with a smile and fond memories.