Ministry Renews Expired Leases

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:03 a.m.

The Ministry of Lands has renewed 788 leases, as it progresses on the renewal of expired leases.

This was confirmed by Lands Minister, Faiyaz Koya during his ministerial address in Parliament this week.

“These are the ones which do not have any complications in terms of Estate Administration Issues,” he noted.

Koya said a bulk of expired leases have not been renewed on time because lessees have yet to indicate in writing that they would like their leases renewed – as per their lease conditions. Difficulties were also attributed some lessees who have passed away, leaving pending and complicated Estate administration issues that closes families of the deceased lessees are yet to resolve.

“However, the Ministry is vigorously working towards renewing all expired leases by the end of the next financial year.”

Koya said the Lands Department’s contribution towards the Government’s Look North policy was also progressing with the development of the Naiyaca sub-division.

He said this included the issuances of leases for the Damodar Group’s new Damodar City project in Labasa, the Fiji National University campus, a new service station and the undertaking of more commercial lots for development, which he said would enable more employment opportunities and improve access to education for people of Northern Fiji.

Additionally, the regularization of squatter settlement occupants is also ongoing, with 21 approved notices issued to informal settlers in Naulu and Kinoya in Suva.

Koya said this brought the number of issued approval notices to 238 in all four divisions, with an additional 126 approval notices to be given on in the next financial year (2017-2018) to informal settlements in Navua, Macuata and Rakiraki.

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