New Manufacturing and Services Zone

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:21 a.m.


A MANUFACTURING and services zone is being built by the Government in the Western division, and will focus on the rising ICT sector and light-manufacturing industries.

Minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism, Lands & Mineral Resources, Faiyaz Koya confirmed that preparatory work for the zone was already underway.

“This project will build on the success achieved by the international companies such as ANZ and Mindpearl, based at the Kalabu Tax Free Zone and elsewhere in Fiji, “he said at a weekend seminar for Chinese investors, who over the past two years, have compromised the largest number of registered investors and implemented projects in Fiji.

“Fiji is the manufacturing, transportation and telecommunication hub of the Pacific. This, simply put, means that Fiji is not only a market of 890,000 people, but a gateway to a market of 38 million people in the region.

“Fiji also has the best investment incentives in the region, the lowest corporate taxes, streamlined income tax, the ability to get a maximum of 20 years’ tax free status (depending on investment amount) in selected regions,” Koya stressed.

Citing agriculture as the country’s commercially untapped jewel, he said it was a sector brimming with opportunities, with acres of arable land that could either be used for commercial agro-farming or organic farming for niche markets.

“The prospects are enormous and our latest sectoral investment data suggests that a number of foreign investors have realized this and are seizing the opportunity.”

Koya confirmed that on this front, his Ministry (Industry, Trade & Tourism) and the Agriculture Ministry had begun preliminary work on developing organic standards for the country, and plans to establish a “Fijian Organic” brand under the Fijian-made and Buy Fijian campaign.

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