New Navigation System

Nov. 15, 2017, 10:28 a.m.

New Navigation System

The I Taukei Land Trust Board (TLTB) has recently installed its own base station for a new Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

According to Manager Information Technology, Epeli Ravula, TLTB has now become one of three local organizations with such high-tech wireless equipment.

The TLTB administers and manages the commercial transactions of indigenously-owned land and has also added a new Geospatial Information Unit, which is also overseen by Ravula. He said  the antenna could see the same satellite constellation that the new GNSS Rovers could identify, and is d is being used to correct the GNSS surveys carried out by their filed staff, to help reduce data errors.

“The new base station supports all the known constellations and frequencies, which is an infrastructure for a spatially-enabled organization,” added General Manager, Tevita Kuruvakadua.

The TLTB has noted that with the newly installed antenna on the roof of the TLTB headquarters in Suva’s CBD, the organization now has an active base station ready to provide correction data for all users.

According to Kuruvakadua, all firmware and base positions can be remotely controlled from Suva, and this is expected to reduce the TLTB’s administration costs,”.

“The current system is modular and can be expanded as and when it is needed by simply adding base nodes and modules of other devices,” he added.

The TLTB has also recently introduced a new Commercial Agriculture lease type that holds a 99-year duration. The TLTB said it had three options aimed at various demand sectors – hybrid, leases offered at market rates and ALTA lease.

“It is designed to boost investment confidence in making long-term commitments, large scale development and attractiveness of Itaukei land and for TLTB to continue facilitating agricultural investment.”

Late last month, it held its internal quality convention, an annual fete that is now into its third year, with regional offices around the country competition for top prizes for the most continually improved and productive performances.

The gold Award went to the office of the Central Eastern Region, with the North-West Region office in Lautoka receiving silver, the bronze prize shared between their Information Technology and Human Resources departments.

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