Official Launch for Bayshore Real Estate

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:27 a.m.


Bayshore Real Estate will hold an official launch at the end of this month, following a quiet start in February.

Establishing themselves as a boutique agency, they want to recruit and train local agents. And with the industry in a growth phase,  plans are to grow accordingly for the Lautoka-based realty founded by Arif Khan, a broker with over 17 years of real estate experience previously based in California, US.

“Getting additional staff who meet our recruitment criteriais definitely part of our business expansion, though we are cognizant of the requirements and training that will give our company and the industry more respect,” he said.

The boutique business specializes in commercial and residential properties as well as property management . Bayshore provides its staff weekly in-house training .

After spending over a decade in the competitive world of US real estate, Mr Khan said it would be beneficial to apply some of the guidelines of its National Association of Realtors to the local market.

“There needs to be a Code of Ethics implemented and a basic entrance examination for agents to pass before getting their license, as we need to collectively ensure as an industry that agents are well prepared to enter the industry and truly  work in a fiduciary capacity for their clients,” Mr Khan added.

Located along Vitogo Parade, the real estate agency looks forward to the formation of an association to have a more structured real-estate industry.