Tappoo City Lautoka Attracts Early Tenancy Interest

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:29 a.m.



Tenants have already started signing up for TappooCity Lautoka shopping mall.

One of the first is the popular Australian franchise – the Donut King.

Tappoo Group director, Mahendra Tappoo, confirmed this yesterday. He said the interest level for tenancy was very high.

Mr Tappoo said they would make more announcments in the coming months. He further highlighted work on the TappooCity Lautoka mall was progressing very well with a greater sense of excitement over the project from stakeholders as well as consumers.

“It will be very high standard of building in keeping up with our image. It looks to be a very exciting complex especially with a new cinema and an international food court,” he said.

With tourists from cruise liners also entering our second city through the Port of Lautoka, this new shopping mall could very well be a big attraction for them as well.


Donut King

Donut King opened its first outlet in Damodar City in Suva the past week with very good response and is planning expansion already.

It is now set to open two outlets within the Tappoo upmarket shopping malls in its two cities.

One will open in TappooCity Suva next month. It will be located on Level 4 of the complex near the Tip Top Kiosk.

The other outlet will be in the TappooCity Lautoka once it opens.

Donut King general manager, Helen White, signed the contract with the Tappoo Group the past week.

Mr Tappoo said he was delighted to have yet another international franchise come to Fiji and be part of their popular shopping malls.

Ms White said she was thrilled to have an opportunity to open in the iconic TappooCity in Suva next month and later in their magnificent new complex in Lautoka.

“Donut King is a quality product and will fit in well the high standards of the TappooCity malls,” she said.

“I have been to see the progress of the Lautoka site. It is so exciting. A great location. We can’t wait to open there!”

Mr Tappoo recognized Donut King as a very strong brand name, renowned for its quality and taste.

“Employing over 4600 staff and serving 30 million donuts to Australians every year, Donut King is set to become a house-hold name in Fiji,” he said.

This article first appeared in the Fiji Sun on August 7, 2016.