Tappoo City Lautoka Opens

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:04 a.m.

Tappoo City Lautoka Opens

The opening of Tappoo City Lautoka has breathed new life into the Sugar City’s CBD, with a cinema, food court and retail departments cementing it as the newest recreational hub.

This is the second conceptual complex by retail giants, the Tappoo Group of Companies, which opened the first TappooCity along Suva’s Thomson Street.

Pegged at about $30 million, TappooCity Lautoka’s premises covers about 100,000 sqm and rakes in a comfortable location next to Churchill Park, with frontage along Vitogo Parade and views over the CBD.

Its design was crafted by Sharma Design Architects and construction took about 18-months to complete.

A Gloria Jeans outlet has already opened doors, ahead of a food court and the mix of retail and recreational offerings are due to also appeal to the thousands of cruise passengers who call into port at Lautoka throughout the year.

Owned by the Tappoo family, chairman, Kanti Lal Tappoo earlier noted that the complex would add a regal composure to Lautoka.

The family company’s other ventures in Lautoka include the expansion of its bottling company, the development of a new Tip Top ice-cream factory and its first Tappoo Industrial Park.

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