Tourism Site on Yanuca Island

Nov. 15, 2017, 10:26 a.m.

Tourism Site on Yanuca Island

A five-acre Native title for tourism development on Yanuca Island in the province of Serua has been availed through the I Taukei Land Trust Board (TLTB), which is inviting expressions of interest for the site.

“The purpose of the EOI is to seek investors and developers who wish to participate in the development of the proposed tourism development at Nukubalavu, part of Yanuca Island, Serua.”

The site was previously home to Batiluva Beach Resort, with the TLTB saying that successful developers and investors would be issued with a lease spanning 77 years and six months, effective from January 1, 2018 and subjected to the payment of relevant premium, costs or fees and include special conditions between applicants and the TLTB.

“The scope of works will include but not limited to the following: carrying out a detailed feasibility study in order to determine the socio-economic development mix and viability of the project, for foreign investors- the approval of Investment Fiji and the Reserve Bank are mandatory, carrying out all survey and planning works in accordance with the requirements of the Department of Town and Country Planning and other approving agencies, undertake and Environmental Impact Study and associated reports and provide a successful business plan and projected work schedule for the development.”

The site’s landowning unit is the Mataqali Batiluva from Yanuca village, and located on the north west of Yanuca Island,  off the coast of Galoa, between Deuba and Pacific Harbour.

“Tiny Yanuca Island is a hilly speck inside Beqa Lagoon, about nine kilometres west of Beqa (Island),” TLTB noted, adding the provision of attractive beaches, good snorkelling and proximity to the surfing hotspot of Frigate Passage and Yanuca Island Resort, which is operated by local landowners.

“The site is associated near the luxurious and well known international island resorts such as Beqa Lagoon Resort, The Pearl Fiji Resort, Nanuku Auberge Resort, Uprising Beach Resort, Pacific Harbour Arts Village, all sharing the pristine white sandy beach, waving palms, sunset views, cliffs, bays and reefs with crystal blue waters, and at night, the cooling influence of the trade winds.”

The TLTB noted that the site’s main source of power was through a generator and solar energy, at the cost of the developer, with a rainwater catchment, boreholes and desalination plants for water, also at the developer’s cost.

“All telecommunications network are available but telecom will require to be connected (for Vodafone and Digicel).

“The site is about 20 minutes to Beqa Island Passage, home to the Shark Reef Marine Reserve, which was created to study the resident shark population and in turn aid the conservation of sharks worldwide. It is here, within the Shark Reef Marine Reserve, that shark dives take place.”

With proximity to Frigates Reef, the TLTB noted its suitability for diving and snorkelling.

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