Tourism Zone for Nadi

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:32 a.m.

Nadi Town aerial

Nadi’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry has called for the town to be wholly zoned as a Special Tourism Zone, saying it would complement efforts to make it a city next year.

“The declaration of Nadi Town into a City in 2017 with planned expansion of the boundaries that has been discussed for more than 15 years will spur business activities and confidence is welcomed of course, that will encourage a lot of investments and increase in business activities, employment or job opportunities and increase in productivity,” stated chamber president, Dr Ram Raju.

The statement was part of chamber submission to the Government’s national budget consultations, which are currently underway around the country.

Chamber members also hope for more financial allocation towards infrastrucal developments in and around the tourist town.

“Not only good roads but tarsealed as well that will truly create opportunities and get people together. There are many back packer resorts that is not easily accessible which are the future of ecotourism.”