Washing Machine Tips

Oct. 3, 2017, 6:29 a.m.


Domestic gods and goddesses seem to have a natural penchant for keeping everything spick and span without breaking anything.

For those who are less inclined to take extra care, common problems will include faulty whitegoods and home appliances.

Washing machines are a particularly nightmarish occurrence that Ronald Verma knows all too well.

Here, the owner of Elite Service Repairs shares some handy tips on what not to do to keep your machine going.

“When heavy clothes are washed all at the same time, they tend to make automatic washing machines out of balance, which damages the tub suspension or even the tub itself, in the long run,” he points out.

Twin tubs are hardly any different, and shouldn’t be overloaded.

“If the machine is capable of washing a load weighing up to 6 kgs, and up to 10kg is put in, it will damage the wash motor.”

“For twin tubs, small clothes like socks tend to get stuck at the bottom of the spin tub, which results in the spinner seal getting worn out and water seeping into the spinner tub motor.

“Problems are also mostly coins that get stuck in the drain pump and should be taken out before washing,” he added.

“What I have noticed while repairing whitegoods is negligent handling errors by customers. For example, some people purchase new Fisher & Paykel washers but leave it outside where it is exposed to the sun and rain.”

Verma worked as a whitegoods technician for a local retail company for eight years before starting his own company.