Momi Heights Launches

May 22, 2018, 11:29 a.m.


A new residential subdivision has launched near the Fiji Marriot Resort Momi Bay, marking the newest addition to this quickly developing Momi Bay area, located outside Nadi’s central business district, towards Sigatoka.

The first stage of Momi Heights entail 21 residential lots on a hilltop overlooking scenic Momi Bay and the surrounding countryside.

Realtor, Nathaniel Khan of Bayshore Real Estate said the development had drawn strong interest, with several lots already selling.

“Buyers are a mix of locals and foreigners who have not only been attracted to the natural beauty of this area, but also to the Freehold tenure of the Momi Heights,” he said.

Prices for Stage 1 lots begin at $130k. The subdivision includes tarsealled roads and water and electricity provisions.

Stage 2 of Momi Heights will offer six lots measuring an acre each.

“Momi is quickly developing with tourism projects here being complimented by residential and commercial platforms for investors. There are plans for a Momi Town Fiji  development by the sea and more resorts and residential apartments in this area, as well as plans for a golf course, and Momi Heights provides great opportunities to break in on this for estate buyers.”

More municipal services are also expected in the area, as there are plans by the Local Government Ministry to expand Nadi Town’s boundary towards Momi to help cater for Nadi Town’s growing population.

“The Marriot has really added to the profile of Momi and although there aren’t many amenities available here at the moment, it is an area that is developing well, with a good road network and proximity to Nadi Town and the international airport, as well as to Natadola Beach, Sigatoka Town and the Coral Coast,” Khan added.

Momi Heights’ developer is a returning former resident who spent over 20 years residing in Canada. The mechanical engineer’s family owns considerable tracts of land at Momi, a scenic spread of coastal farms and villages between Natadola and Sonaisali along the Queens Highway.

“It’s a great initiative for developers to take it upon themselves and help grow their communities. There are more returning residents who do need to return for development because while there is a lot of land, financial constraints are sometimes a barrier. Economic stability has also given returnees and foreigners the confidence to come here and invest in real estate.”

Based at Bayshore Real Estate’s office in Nadi, the realtor is also an avid photographer who has keenly forged into aerial shots through a drone purchase.

“Photography has always been a passion and to incorporate it into my work has been fulfilling. I bought my drone two years ago and because they’re not common in Fiji, have been told by many how good it is to get different and wholesome views of properties. It has changed my real estate marketing and adds value to listings because interested parties get a better look at the extent of a property.”

Khan said it was a useful investment that became a necessity after experiencing the difficulties of capturing shots of large land lots.

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